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Pipeline natural gas available in Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base

Updated : 2021-12-30 (chinadaily.com.cn)


An overall view of the Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base. [Photo/WeChat account: china-zjftz]

The Yushan pipeline natural gas distribution station in the Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base started operating on Dec 28.

The first phase of the pipeline natural gas transmission and distribution project in the Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base consists of a natural gas distribution station and a submarine pipeline with a total investment of 300 million yuan ($47.11 million).

The first phase has a designed annual natural supply capacity of 7 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 5 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas, which can satisfy the demands of the Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base.

The project will reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, flying ash, and stove ash by 426,700 tons, 1.34 million tons, and 4.51 million tons each year, respectively.

The pipeline natural gas will be used to generate electricity, power petroleum refining equipment, and produce hydrogen.

Construction of the Yushan distribution station started in September 2020. It is a comprehensive digital station with an intelligent online metering system, intelligent automatic control system, intelligent safety control system, and video monitoring system.

The Zhoushan eco-friendly petrochemical base is the first offshore petrochemical base in China with an estimated annual oil refining capacity of 40 million metric tons.

The first phase of the base began operating at the end of 2019, with an annual processing capacity of 20 million tons. It was completed six years earlier than planned and has, since then, processed 21.83 million tons of crude oil and generated 69.55 billion yuan in revenue.