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Sea-worshiping ritual held in Zhejiang island county

Updated : 2021-06-17 (ezhejiang.gov.cn)

Daishan county in East China's Zhejiang province hosted a grand sea-worshiping ritual, which was part of the 2021 Zhoushan Archipelago China Ocean Culture Festival, on June 16.

The ritual, which was performed by 320 fishermen from the island county situated in the East China Sea, was meant to convey their gratitude towards the ocean at the end of a fishing season.

Daishan started to host the annual festival in 2005 and built a huge sacrificial altar at an old sea-worshiping site in 2006, which has become the permanent venue for the festival.

In 2008, the ritual was included on the list of Zhejiang's provincial-level intangible cultural heritage items.