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Zhoushan Islands Marathon

Updated : 2018-06-25

Zhoushan Islands Marathon.jpg

Zhoushan Islands Marathon [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

Since 2015 the annual Zhoushan Islands Marathon has gained a significant reputation thanks to its amazing coastal race route. Runners can enjoy the sea view and landmark sceneries of Putuo while running on the cross-sea bridges and coastal roads, including Guanyin Bridge, Cihang Square and Bingang Road. 

The runners in the 2017 Zhoushan Islands Marathon held on Nov 19 were divided into three groups. Each group ran a different length; there was a 21.1 kilometer half-marathon, a 6.5 kilometer health run, and a 2 kilometer family fun run. The routes were largely unchanged since the first ones in 2015. 

About 12,000 runners took part in the event, half of them in the half-marathon group.