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Hiking in Dinghai

Updated : 2018-06-25



In 2014, the Dinghai district government launched an activity named “Hiking in Dinghai”, attracting many sport lovers to join in through a series of mountaineering activities. 

In recent years, with its increasing influence and reputation, the competition of “Hiking in Dinghai” has been a part of “Hiking throughout China” series. Through Cooperation with National Mountaineering and Fitness Trail League, and holding professional competitions with amateur sports activities, “Hiking in Dinghai” has attracted the participation of a growing number of people in walkway fitness as well as mountaineering. 

Dinghai district has improved the original mountaineering and fitness trails since 2017, and built 50- km- long trails in accordance with national standards. The design and construction strictly followed the principle of reusing natural environment and resources. The route includes Nandong Art Valley with landscapes of villages as well as sceneries of mountain and sea, and some special sites for leisure, fitness and eco-tourism.

The route covers three trails leveled A, B and C, including seven crossing lines and eight loop lines. It can meet the needs of different outdoor groups, such as professional outdoor people and ordinary people.