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Zhoushan Flea Dance

Updated : 2018-06-25


Zhoushan Flea Dance


Zhoushan Flea Dance [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

"Flea dance", a traditional dance for celebrating harvest among Zhoushan fishermen, received its name for its flea-like dancing postures and movements. It has come under spotlight and gained more popularity since it got listed as an intangible cultural heritage in the city in 2006.

According to the records of Dinghai county annals, the “Flea Dance” is named for its flea-like postures. It was formed during the Qing Dynasty (AD1688-1911), spreading from Fujian province to Shenjiamen Fishing Port of Zhoushan.

The dance is originally a kind of emotional dance without any plot or specific character, just a dance that looks like fleas. In 1922, Zhang Xiaoshan, a private teacher in Baiquan town, merged a plot of local folklore into the dance. It tells the story of Jigong, a mad but eminent monk in Chinese mythology.