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Paradise for Sea-angling

Updated : 2018-06-25


Paradise for Sea-angling [Photo/zhoushan.cn]


Paradise for Sea-angling [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

Zhoushan is renowned as “a natural pasture on the sea”. Abundant with fishery resources, it is a paradise for sea-angling. Tourists can enjoy coastal angling, or go out to fish on the sea. It is popular for its rich maritime resources, and is a cozy place for leisure. 

The water is so clear that tourists can see fish swimming in many areas. They can even catch them without any bait. It’s a fantastic destination for tourists who want to enjoy sea-scapes, the fun of sea-angling and the happiness of harvest. 

Recommended sea-angling bases include the islands of Baisha, Sijiao, Zhujiajian, Xiushan, Shengsi Gouqi and Dongji.