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Enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of Zhoushan

Updated : 2018-06-25

Enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of Zhoushan 建议用这个图Dongya Cliff.jpg

Zhoushan boasts many offshore islands, with beautiful peaks, clear blue sea, vibrant green woods and golden beaches. There are many spots to sit back, relax and take in the wonderful scenery and fresh sea air.

Dongya Cliff

Dongya Cliff, located in Shengshan Island, is an ideal place to watch the sunrise by the sea. Here tourists can see the fishing boats scattered across the coastline and creepers covering the bare rocks on the steep cliff, resembling a green castle.


Tourists can enjoy breathtaking views in every corner of Heshangtao. It is an ideal place to watch the sun come up as fishing boats sail by. One of the most enchanting sights on the island is the wooden plank road built on the cliff where tourists can enjoy a gorgeous sea view, hear the peaceful tide, and marvel at the rocks that come in many shapes and sizes.

Donghai Grand Canyon

Donghai Grand Canyon, located in Dinghai district, is a "central leisure park" in the main island of Zhoushan. It boasts an ecological environment, beautiful mountains and ancient relics. Deeply hidden in the tranquil and beautiful greenery are tea gardens, where visitors can take in the amazing landscape surrounding them whilst enjoying some locally grown tea. Enjoying good air quality, the canyon has become a popular haunt for yoga lovers.