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Best beaches in Zhoushan

Updated : 2018-06-25

Best beaches in Zhoushan 建议配这张图.jpg

A beach vacation is always the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine, golden sands, crystal blue sky and tranquil sea. Here is a rundown of some of the top beaches in Zhoushan Archipelago. 

Baibu Sand Beach

The 600-meter long beach has fine sand and continuous stunning sea waves. It is an ideal place for bathing, surfing and watching the sunrise. Amidst the high humidity of the summer, this beach offers a welcome respite, thanks to its gentle sea breezes.

Location: close to Haiyinchi, located in the southeast of Puji Temple, Mount Putuo

Qianbu Sand Beach

Qianbu Sand Beach translates to Thousand-step Sand Beach in Chinese. It is the largest sand beach in Mount Putuo. The sand here is gold colored, fine and pure. Tourists can wear swimsuits, jump into the sea, and enjoy the soothing cool waves. Location: Xunshandao Road, east of Mount Putuo.

Wanbu Iron Plate Sand Beach—Lulan Qingsha Sand Beach

Lulan Qingsha Beach is located at Houshayang, northeast of Daishan Island. Named after the nearby Lulan Mountain, it is one of the "Ten Scenes of Penglai Fairyland". With a 3.6- kilometers- long coastline, the beach is the largest one in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. In the early morning, tourists can stand on the beach and watch the stunning scenery of the East China Sea over the Jiguan Reef.

Location: Houshayang, Daishan Island

Shengsi Jihu Sand Beach

Jihu Beach is the most popular spot for tourists in Shengsi. It is an ideal bathing beach, famous for its beautiful sea views and soft sand.

Location: Jihu Village, Caiyuan Town, Shengsi Island

South Changtu Sand Beach

As the "sister beach" of Jihu Beach, it is shaped like a crescent moon, and blends into the surrounding pine hills, cliffs and rocks. The tranquil and open bay also has stunningly clear water, making for a wonderful sight.

Location: Shizhu Village and Gaochengwan Village, Caiyuan Town, Shengsi Island

Dawang Sand Beach

Dawang Sand Beach is the biggest beach in Gouqi Island. The 200-meter-long beach is an ideal destination for bathing in the summer.

Location: Dawang Village, Gouqi Town