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Zhoushan rolls out action plan to upgrade port, shipping industry

Updated : 2024-05-29 (

Zhoushan in Zhejiang province has recently unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at transforming and upgrading its port and shipping industry.

According to local authorities, this initiative will see an investment of 4.71 billion yuan ($649.85 million) to renew 1,033 units of equipment by the end of 2027.

The plan outlines a series of strategic actions focusing on infrastructure, logistics equipment, port machinery, safety assurance, and law enforcement services. These measures are designed to significantly enhance the industry's sophistication, digitalization, and commitment to low-carbon practices.

By leveraging advanced digital technologies, Zhoushan aims to accelerate the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation of its traditional port and shipping infrastructure. This approach will facilitate the smart expansion and safety enhancement of ports, waterways, anchorages, and other related facilities.

Furthermore, the plan emphasizes the expedited upgrading and renovation of waterway and anchorage infrastructure. It also prioritizes the standardized transformation of port shore power systems, oil and gas recovery devices, and ship power reception facilities, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

With this ambitious action plan, Zhoushan is set to lead the way in modernizing the port and shipping industry, positioning itself as a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the sector.