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Admire cherry blossoms in Zhoushan

Updated : 2024-04-08 (


Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Xiaosha Cherry Blossom Valley, Dinghai district, Zhoushan. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

With the cherry blossom season now upon us, here are some of the best places in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province to admire the flowers. 

Cherry Blossom Park

Located in Dinghai district, the 60,000-square-meter Cherry Blossom Park boasts a wide variety of the flower, including Cerasus serrulata and Yoshino cherry blossoms.

Shen's courtyard

Shen's courtyard, which was built to commemorate a South Korean lady who was married to a man surnamed Shen from Putuo district in the Jin Dynasty (AD 266-420), is one of the best places in the city to admire cherry blossoms.

Zhejiang Ocean University

Zhejiang Ocean University becomes a visual spectacular this time of the year because of its collection of more than 1,000 cherry trees.

Haihua Road and Hailian Road are also great places to admire the flowers. The paths here are usually filled with vibrant petals.


Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Wengpu Park in Zhoushan. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]