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Zhoushan works to integrate digital technology, marine economy

Updated : 2024-04-01 (

Zhoushan in Zhejiang province will implement a series of measures to bolster its digital marine economy, according to a news conference on March 29.

Authorities will channel more resources into establishing digital technology innovation platforms, developing more application scenarios, as well as improving digital infrastructure.

The digital marine industry is one of the nine major industrial chains in Zhoushan's marine economy. Last year, the added value of the core digital industries in the city achieved a growth rate of 11.6 percent.

The city's digital enterprises have developed marine satellite broadband products, allowing fishermen to stay connected with their families and share their fishing activities in real-time, as well as an early warning system to improve the safety of fishing boat navigation.

Digital technologies have also infused more vitality into the city's shipbuilding industry and clean energy sector, with the successful development of unmanned vessels for offshore wind power equipment maintenance.

Authorities will sustain efforts to create a more favorable environment for digital enterprises, including attracting projects related to maritime communication, intelligent terminals, and high-end devices, and rolling out stimuli.