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Smart microgrid launched on Dongji Island

Updated : 2024-03-27 (

A smart microgrid was put into operation on Dongji Island, Putuo district, Zhoushan, Zhejiang province on March 26.

This pioneering microgrid, boasting disaster-resistant and self-healing capabilities, comprises a 4.3-megawatt power station, 1-megawatt energy storage, and 1-megawatt photovoltaic power generation, marking the first of its kind in the country.

A micro-weather station and various automated devices have also been deployed to enable operational monitoring, power prediction, and optimized control of the island's overall source-grid-load-storage system.

The microgrid and the main grid work in tandem, providing dual assurances for the island's power supply. In the event of a 35-kilovolt line failure, the microgrid seamlessly transitions to off-grid operation mode, swiftly restoring power supply to the island, as highlighted by Wang Chunyin, the head of the Dongji Power Service Station of State Grid Zhoushan Power Supply Company.

In addition, the microgrid ensures uninterrupted operation of desalination equipment on the island, addressing the challenge of water scarcity during power outages and ensuring continuous access to potable water for island residents.