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Zhoushan unveils well-being initiatives for 2024

Updated : 2024-03-22 (

Zhoushan in Zhejiang province has unveiled a comprehensive well-being plan for 2024, focusing on enhancing the quality of life of residents across various sectors, including healthcare, education, elderly care, childcare, employment, living environment, and transportation and public safety.

As part of this initiative, the city will provide free influenza vaccinations to 117,000 elderly individuals aged 60 and above and conduct free colorectal cancer screenings for key populations, with a specific emphasis on screening 44,200 individuals aged 60 and above.

Moreover, Zhoushan plans to install 330 automated external defibrillators in public venues and ensure that over 90 percent of migrant workers' children can attend public schools.

The city is also set to launch the "demonstration canteen" construction initiative at primary and secondary schools, aiming to complete more than 20 establishments this year. Additionally, free bivalent HPV vaccines will be offered to all eligible girls, with a particular focus on vaccinating 800 girls aged 13 to 14.

Efforts will be strengthened to provide medical rehabilitation and treatment services for children with autism, ensuring that outpatient treatment for autism enjoys the same level of medical insurance coverage as inpatient care.

Zhoushan is committed to creating employment opportunities for over 300 people with disabilities and developing more than 1,100 internship positions for college graduates who are unemployed and graduated less than two years ago. The city also aims to train over 400 certified highly-skilled digital professionals.

Zhoushan plans to renovate 37 old residential communities, renovate or improve 44 waterway passenger and freight transport facilities, and build over 450 public new energy vehicle charging piles.

The city also aims to renovate a historical and cultural block, restore four immovable cultural relics, complete the rehabilitation of six dangerous mountain ponds, and upgrade or renovate 10 irrigation pump stations, machinery docks, and dam sluices.

Furthermore, Zhoushan is working towards achieving full coverage of emergency fire management stations in its 45 towns and subdistricts.