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Zhoushan launches regular offshore LNG bunkering operations

Updated : 2024-02-29 (


An LNG bunker vessel provides refueling services to a bulk cargo ship at a temporary anchorage in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province on Feb 28. [Photo/Tide News]

In the early morning of Feb 28, at the temporary anchorage of Qushan in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, an LNG bunker vessel spent approximately 12 hours successfully supplying around 1,222 metric tons of LNG to the 210,000-ton dual-fuel bulk carrier Gaoershan.

This refueling operation marked the first regular LNG bunkering activity conducted at sea outside Zhoushan Port, signifying Zhoushan as one of the few ports in the world with international liner bonded offshore LNG bunkering capabilities.

This achievement can be largely attributed to a series of efforts made by local authorities, including bolstering the clean energy sector, elevating the level of port services, and leveraging anchorage resources to nurture the offshore LNG bunkering business.

In August 2023 the first trial LNG bunkering operation in the country for a bulk carrier at sea outside the anchorage of Qushan was successfully completed, accumulating experience for routine bunkering.

After the successful completion of the trial bunkering, Zhoushan conducted a comprehensive review and put forward a list of optimization suggestions, including organizational coordination, route design, berth fender arrangement, corporate systems, and emergency plans, noted Xu Hongda, a representative of the Zhoushan maritime bureau.

Authorities also worked in coordination with relevant departments and bunkering units to optimize each aspect, gradually exploring and improving safety supervision and service guarantee measures for the routine bunkering of LNG for ships at sea anchorage.