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Putuo qualified for hosting CUBAL competitions

Updated : 2024-02-26 (

Putuo district in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Federation of University Sports of China on Feb 24, signifying the official establishment of the China University Basketball Association League (CUBAL) in the district.

As the highest-level university basketball league in China, this will be the first time that CUBAL-related events have come to the city, marking the first collaboration between the event and the local government.

According to the agreement, relevant departments in Putuo will collaborate with event organizers on the organization, security, and promotion of a series of university basketball events and activities, such as the China University Basketball Winter Camp.

In addition, both sides will deepen their cooperation in talent cultivation and sports industry development by leveraging the games to attract talent and strengthen the industry, aiming to promote the integration of production and education and further create a strong atmosphere for sports and fitness.