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Zhoushan's Donghai Sky Corridor Tourist Area named national natural oxygen bar

Updated : 2024-01-24 (


A bird's-eye view of Donghai Sky Corridor in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

The Donghai Sky Corridor Tourist Area in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province has been designated as a national natural oxygen bar, as announced by the China Meteorological Administration on Jan 23.

Among the 66 locations across the country honored with this title, the 211.13-square-kilometer tourist area stands out as a breathtaking gem, encompassing the Donghai Sky Corridor and Donghai Cultural Corridor.

This area encapsulates the finest elements of the port city's landscape, ecological resources, and cultural heritage. It also possesses exceptional air quality, boasting an impressive 97.7 percent rating.

Furthermore, forest coverage in the area spans a remarkable 80.08 percent, showcasing a rich diversity of vegetation types and a wide array of wildlife species. Notably, the water quality is also pristine, with a perfect 100 percent compliance rate for drinking water sources.

The Donghai Sky Corridor, established in 2019, serves as a verdant greenway adorned with over 100 cultural elements, giving rise to cultural landmarks such as the revered Zhuanyuan Pavilion.

Complementing this, the Donghai Cultural Corridor, unveiled to the public in 2023, seamlessly connects the breathtaking scenery of coastal islands, mountains, picturesque villages, ancient temples, and historical sites, forming an integrated cultural and ecological corridor.

Since the inauguration of the two corridors, the tourist area has hosted more than 140 cultural and tourism events, drawing in 5.55 million visitors.

This influx of visitors has not only enriched the area but also provided tangible benefits to over 1,800 farming households, contributing to a substantial increase in their collective income by 3.5 million yuan ($490,024.46).