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Zhoushan optimizes container export customs clearance services

Updated : 2024-01-03 (

In September 2023, Zhoushan Customs lifted restrictions on the early entry of export clearance containers, a move which has led to a substantial reduction in storage fees incurred upon terminal entry.

Bao Xiaowei, a truck driver from Zhoushan Dingjian Logistics Transportation Co, noted that the new measure has made it possible for him to complete the transportation of a single export clearance container from Jinhua to Zhoushan within one day. In the past, due to unpredictable shipping schedules, the same task took several days due to waiting outside the terminal.

According to Zhoushan Customs statistics, from September to November last year, a total of 1,232 containers of export clearance goods were preemptively entered, saving approximately 1.9 million yuan ($266,260.86) in truck parking fees for foreign trade enterprises.

For eligible transit goods, the storage fees upon entering the terminal exceeded 90 percent in savings compared to truck parking fees incurred outside the terminal, as confirmed by a Zhoushan Customs staff member.