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Zhoushan Port makes progress in intelligent upgrading

Updated : 2023-12-15 (


The technology of centralized loading and unloading lock stations on the bridge is applied at the Dapukou container terminal in Zhoushan Port. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

Skilled lashers efficiently handled the container lock pins for unmanned and manned container trucks at the 12 smart lock stations on the six approach bridges of Dapukou container terminal in Zhoushan Port on De 13.

The technology, used for centralized loading and unloading lock stations on the bridge, is the first of its kind in China.

Smart lock stations are an essential component of port automation. In traditional container terminal operations, lashers are required to install and remove lock pins for loading and unloading containers under the bridge cranes at the terminal face, which poses safety risks due to the interaction between humans and machines, said a representative of Zhoushan Yongzhou Container Terminal Co.

He added that with the increasing involvement of unmanned container trucks at the terminal, instructions on completing the loading and unloading lock operations need to be communicated to the lashers in a timelier manner

By the end of May, the installation of supporting facilities for 12 lock stations on six approach bridges was completed. Lashers have received training on how to operate lock stations.