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Zhoushan's data as intellectual property protection efforts receive provincial recognition

Updated : 2023-09-18 (

Zhoushan's efforts to protect data as intellectual property were highly praised by the national and provincial intellectual property departments at a Zhejiang Provincial Data Intellectual Property System Reform Promotion Conference recently held in the city.

Zhoushan took the opportunity of the pilot work of the reform of the intellectual property system of marine big data, innovated methods for the development and utilization of marine data, and promoted enterprises in the field of marine big data to strengthen data as intellectual property through registration, protection, and utilization.

The Zhoushan Market Supervision Administration started from pilot enterprises and tracked the whole process from the first evidence preservation, the first registration, and the first insurance to the first pledge in a detailed manner, with the goal of extracting and summarizing the general rules of data as intellectual property eligible for protection and utilization.

Subsequently, a group of marine big data enterprise incubation and reserve libraries have been selected and established. Several training sessions, salons, seminars, and other activities have been held to provide all-round services for innovative entities.

Zhoushan will aim to deeply integrate the digital economy and the marine economy, promote the expansion of data intellectual property registration, and study and formulate rules and norms for the protection and utilization of Zhoushan's marine big data intellectual property.

During the conference, the Zhoushan Maritime Big Data Intellectual Property Alliance was formally established, and the first sharing lists of data as intellectual property was released. Zhoushan has so far accumulated 141 pieces of data certification, with 21 data intellectual property registrations and 14 public notifications. Eight data intellectual property insurance policies have been handled with a total amount of nearly 800,000 yuan (109,725.41), and data intellectual property pledge financing has reached 105 million yuan. Four data intellectual properties have been listed on the trading platform.