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Zhoushan launches annual online fishing festival

Updated : 2023-09-15 (

The 2023 East China Sea Fishing Festival was launched online in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province on Sept 16, which also marked the start of the fishing season in the East China Sea.

Various types of seafood, including hairtails, butterfish, sea eels, and little yellow croakers, are expected to hit the market soon, adding some extra variety to the local palate.

In order to further promote seafood from Zhoushan in more Chinese cities, the local commerce bureau will carry out various cooperative events with online livestreaming and short video platforms like Douyin. A total of four influencers on Douyin were appointed to promote Zhoushan's seafood.

Zhejiang Ocean Family Co, which focuses on sectors like ocean fishing, aquatic products processing, seasonal seafood imports, and seafood sales to domestic markets, signed a deal with JD Fresh, the fresh produce arm of Chinese e-commerce giant JD, to promote its products.

Zhoushan China International Aquatic Product Market launched a digital transaction service platform as well. The platform provides services like business-to-business transactions and cold-chain truck calling for industrial insiders based on cloud computing and data intelligence.

A series of activities will be held to boost the high-quality development of the fishing industry in Zhoushan. The projects will include investment promotions, exhibitions of aquatic products, and livestreaming training courses.