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Shengsi establishes common prosperity workshops to increase residents' incomes

Updated : 2023-09-07 (

Shengsi county in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, has in recent years been tapping into its marine resources to develop signature industries in an effort to aid its common prosperity drive.

One of the county's special industries is oyster breeding and processing, and as a result authorities have rolled out a raft of policies, including providing free wharfs and exempting and reducing rentals, to encourage entrepreneurs to set up common prosperity workshops to bolster the industry.

Four such workshops have been set up in the county's Caiyuan town and provide jobs to 42 residents.

Lu Xianmin, who is in charge of such workshop, said that his company has bred 700 mu (46.67 hectares) of oysters and generates 400 metric tons of oysters per year, which has increased residents' incomes by 2,000 yuan ($272.44) per month.

Fu Yanfeng, Party secretary of Xiaoguan'ao village in the town, said that these workshops not only provide jobs to residents, but also play a key role in increasing the village's collective income.

The county is currently home to 12 such workshops and provides jobs to 175 residents.