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Zhoushan leader in green petrochemical development

Updated : 2023-06-05 (

The Zhoushan green petrochemical base located on Yushan Island in Daishan county, Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, is China's first offshore petrochemical base.

The base, which is one of seven major national petrochemical bases, has a production capacity of 40 million metric tons of refined oil, 4.2 million tons of ethylene, and 11.8 million tons of aromatic hydrocarbon per year.

Wang Cunzhang, deputy Party secretary of the base's administrative committee, said that the environment-related investment accounted for more than 7 percent of the base's combined investment totaling more than 200 billion yuan ($28.09 billion).

He added that nine air monitoring stations have also been set up around the base to create an early warning network for the surrounding environment.

The surveillance results indicate that the base does not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment, with the air quality in Zhoushan ranking first in the province for five consecutive years.

The base is building a hydro-processing unit as part of its phase 2 project, which is an important measure to improve the refining efficiency and the production of high-end chemical raw materials.

Wang said that the base has launched 10 demonstration projects to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.