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Zhoushan becomes home to four new provincial rural museums

Updated : 2023-05-25 (

Four rural museums in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province were listed as provincial rural museums, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau announced on May 16.

The four museums were Ma'ao Museum, Sanmao Former Residence Exhibition Hall, Yushan Red Culture Museum, and Maritime Folk Custom Museum.

Ma'ao Museum, located in Dinghai district, showcases more than 500 cultural relics dating back to different historical periods, of which more than 300 can be traced back to the New Stone Age (4,500-2,000 BC).

Sanmao Former Residence Exhibition Hall, which was converted from the residence built by Sanmao's grandfather in 1921, exhibits Sanmao's belongings.

Sanmao was the pen name of the late Echo Chan, a Chinese contemporary novelist, writer and translator from Taiwan. She is best known for her book Stories of the Sahara

Situated in Daishan county's Gaoting town, Yushan Red Culture Museum features an array of revolutionary items. The museum was designated as a place to conduct patriotic education for young people.

The Maritime Folk Custom Museum, located in Putuo district's Taohua Island, displays traditional wedding furniture and wares from the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) as well as the Republic of China era (1912-1949). 

The exhibits highlight Zhoushan's exquisite craftsmanship in carving, paste-on-paste decoration, gold drawing, lacquering, and color filling. 

The city's traditional wedding custom was listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage in 2018.