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'Hello Zhoushan' actions elevate island tourism to new heights

Updated : 2023-05-18 (

The "Hello Zhoushan" actions aimed at achieving common prosperity on all islands in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province have boosted local tourism to new heights over the past year.

During the May Day holiday, Zhoushan's islands welcomed 416,000 tourists, an approximately 10 percent increase compared to the same period in 2021 and an approximately six-fold increase over the same period in 2022.

According to local authorities, the first batch of 12 demonstration islands has received a total investment of 581 million yuan ($82.81 million) and completed 64 projects.

Dongju Island in Dinghai district has invested over 10 million yuan to establish itself as a camping island.

The Jianshanhai camping base on the island, opened in June last year, has generated over 1 million yuan in revenue and was recognized as the "most promising outdoor camping site in Zhejiang province" in 2022.

Baisha Island in Putuo district, a national fishing training base, has become a popular tourist spot with attractions like a retro-style photo studio, island art studio, style street, traditional Chinese medicine clinic, and wedding base.

Gouqi Island in Shengsi county has implemented environment-friendly floating buoys in aquaculture, which will reduce the amount of discarded white foam by 210 metric tons, or 17,000 cubic meters, per year.


The marine branching at Gouqi Island. [Photo/WeChat account: zjzsrbs]


Dongju Island in Dinghai district. [Photo/WeChat account: zjzsrbs]


A sea fishing enthusiast in Baisha Island. [Photo/WeChat account: zjzsrbs]