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Hulu Island sees significant changes

Updated : 2023-05-05 (

Hulu Island in Putuo district in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province has witnessed significant changes since the common prosperity campaign was launched in June, 2022.

Specifically, authorities have channeled more resources towards renovating residences, upgrading roads and establishing a seawater desalination plant, which will be key to improving residents' well-being. 

Authorities said they have identified some idle residences to be transformed into homestays. 

Sun Lei, deputy Party secretary of Donggang subdistrict in Putuo, said that the local government has rolled out a series of measures, including exempting rentals and releasing favorable policies, to encourage residents to start new businesses such as cultural and creative stores. 

In addition, transportation infrastructure on the island has improved significantly, with two passenger ship routes ratified and a luxury passenger ship completing its trial voyage.