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Zhoushan releases 10 ICH items

Updated : 2023-04-21 (

Authorities of Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province unveiled its 7th group of intangible cultural heritage items on March 31.

Ten ICH items consisting of one Chinese folk art form, one bronze craving technique and eight traditional handicrafts made the list.

Among the eight traditional handicrafts, five are related to food making - wine brewing, soy sauce making, rice cake making, Guanyin cake making, and seafood cooking. The other three items are cloth making, Chinese knot button sewing and perfume making techniques.

Shao Siming, head of the cultural relics department of the Zhoushan bureau of culture, tourism, radio, television, and sports, said that the city's wine brewing and soy sauce making techniques each have a history of more than 100 years.

The city is currently home to 265 district-level ICH items, 91 city-level ICH items, 45 provincial-level ICH items and six national-level ICH items. This is largely due to efforts by authorities to explore new means, including holding a series of events like teaching activities, contests, and road shows, as well as implementing customized measures, to protect invaluable cultural heritages.