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A glimpse of Zhoushan Archipelago New Area

Updated : 2023-02-27


China Seafood City


China Fishery City

■Development Strategies

Speed up construction of Zhoushan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone

The government is committed to developing Zhoushan Archipelago Sub-area and Qushan Sub-area based on the “Two Sub-areas under One New Area” principle, and implementing a ship registration system, an international shipping taxes regulation, and offshore financing and leasing laws.


Explore Zhoushan Free Trade Zone

The government is intent on developing it into a more open and comprehensive economic and trade zone under the regulation of “inside the national border but outside the customs territory”. The goal is to progressively carry out free trade zone policies in accordance with international standards, promote measures to increase trade and investment, and build a free trade center for pricing, trade, delivery, storage and transfer.


Gradually complete the construction of Zhoushan Free Port

The government needs to learn from international advanced standards and promote a degree of trade and investment freedom in an all-round way to transform Zhoushan Archipelago New Area into an international gateway city. 

■ Developing “Four Islands and One City” principle

International Logistics Hub

Opening-up Gateway Island

Marine Industry Cluster Island

International Ecological Leisure Island

Island Garden City

■ Five main objectives

A storage, transfer, processing and trade center for bulk commodities

An important gateway on the Eastern seaboard

An important base of modern marine industry

A comprehensive marine and island development demonstration area

A pioneering zone for overall development of land and sea

■ Developing a river-sea interconnected transportation service center

To optimize the system of cargo arrival and departure for river-sea interconnected transportation

To construct a base of storage, transportation, processing and trade for national strategic material

To develop the modern service industry of river-sea interconnected transportation

To improve the infrastructure of river-sea interconnected transportation

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