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Shengsi included in national conservation program

Updated : 2023-02-14 (

Shengsi county in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, has been included in a national program aimed at building demonstration counties (cities) for conserving natural resources, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources on Feb 2. 

The list consists of 258 counties (cities) in the country. 

The major task of the program is to establish evaluation index systems and work mechanisms in land, mineral, and marine resources, as well as explore means to pursue innovation in conservation modes, technology, systems, and management that can be replicated and promoted to other areas. 

The program is also designed to improve land use efficiency, as well as reduce the loss of mineral resources and marine resources. 

The listed counties can enjoy favorable policies including building green mines and receiving special funds for ecological environment conservation. 

Shengsi county has taken a series of conservation measures in recent years, including launching the blue bay initiative, restoring the ecological system, and developing a sustainable fishing industry. 

The county will continue its efforts to explore new means to achieve effective allocation and utilization of marine resources in the near future.