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6 places in Zhoushan receive provincial recognition for their sustainability efforts

Updated : 2022-11-09 (


A view of Dongji town of Putuo district in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/WeChat account: zjzsqdxq] 

Six places in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province have been included in a provincial program aimed at advancing green development, according to an announcement by the provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development on Oct 27. 

The six places are Putuo district's Dongji town and Huangyangjian village, Dinghai district's Wulian and Miaoqiao villages, Daishan county's Xiunan village, and Shengsi county's Tain'ao village. 

Dongji town 

Dongji town has in recent years been making efforts to improve sustainability, and they include strengthening the protection of fishery resources and ecological environment as well as creating an eco-friendly environment. 

Wulian village 

Wulian village has over the past years been exploring ways to develop its green economy by promoting outdoor sports activities, environmentally-friendly aquaculture and clean energy. 

Miaoqiao village 

Miaoqiao village, which features Sanmao's ancestral residence and charming ancient buildings, has been striving to tap its cultural resources to boost the tourism industry. It has also built environmentally-friendly homestays and grocery markets. 

Sanmao was the pen name of the late Echo Chan, a Chinese contemporary novelist, writer and translator from Taiwan. Sanmao was best known for her book Stories of the Sahara.  

Huangyangjian village 

Huangyangjian village has in recent years been stepping up efforts to develop clean energy and advance the building of environmentally-friendly houses. 

Xiunan village 

Xiunan village has over the past years been striving to advance its sustainability campaign by developing clean energy capabilities and building environmentally-friendly houses. 

Tian'ao village 

Designated as a national demonstration base for recreational fishing, Tian'ao village has been focusing on developing its rural tourism, which features fishery customs, fishery culture, fishing experiences and mouthwatering seafood.