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The Zhoushan way to common prosperity

Updated : 2022-10-28 (


A view of Xinjian village in Dinghai district of Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/WeChat account: zjzsqdxq] 

Zhoushan in East China's Zhejiang province has over the past decade been exploring effective means of advancing rural vitalization and achieving common prosperity. 

The city's efforts include enhancing marine eco-environment protection, bolstering the homestay industry and rural tourism, as well as promoting the transformation and upgrading of its fishing industry. 

One of the outstanding results of these efforts is Dinghai district's Xinjian village, which has been successfully transformed from a fishing village to a popular rural tourism destination. 

The village is renowned for its scenic spots like the Nantong Art Valley, which receives more than 400,000 tourists every year. The per capita income of the village currently stands at 42,000 yuan ($5,791), according to Yu Jinhong, Party secretary of the village. 

Huaniao Island in Shengsi county is another example of how Zhoushan authorities have sought to achieve common prosperity by developing the green economy. 

Renowned for its stunning sea views and a lighthouse that was built in the 19th century, the island has been making efforts to develop its tourism industry since 2013. Measures taken include improving the living environment in its rural areas and accelerating the construction of transportation infrastructures. 

The island has also been developing customized travel routes that not only provide high-quality travel experiences to tourists but also protect the island's ecological environment, said Yuan Fangyuan, Party secretary of the island. 

The per capita GDP in Zhoushan now stands at 147,000 yuan, and the income ratio between urban and rural residents in the city in 2021 was 1.65, one of the smallest in China.