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Take a night tour of Zhoushan

Updated : 2022-07-19 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Visitors watch live performances at a camping festival in Huangsha village, Shengsi county in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/Zhoushan Daily]

A series of night events are being held in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province to provide entertainment for tourists and local residents. 

Huangsha village, Wulong township in Shengsi county, Zhoushan held a camping festival on July 16. The event sponsor also arranged for live performances to be held and invited 20 cafes and local restaurants to set up stalls at the camping site. 

About 3,000 visitors attended the activities, official statistics show. 

Meanwhile, the Zhanmao sub-district in Putuo district, Zhoushan has been holding a night bazaar since June 25. The bazaar, which is open on Fridays and Saturdays, features about 50 stalls selling a variety of goods, including cultural and creative products, local produce, coffee, and snacks. 

According to a local official, the night bazaar will encourage more people to start their own business and bolster the sub-district's nighttime economy, which would in turn aid common prosperity efforts.