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Take a graduation trip to Zhoushan

Updated : 2022-06-30 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Graduation season has arrived, so why not take a graduation trip to Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, to climb green-covered mountains and admire beautiful seaside sunrise and sunset views.

Climbing mountains


Daqing Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

People can visit the Daqing Mountain scenic area and Changbai Island to climb the mountain and experience idyllic countryside life.

Admiring sea views


Dongji Island. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

Daishan county, Dongji and Huaniao islands offer beautiful views of the sea. In Daishan county, people can visit Haixia Park and walk on the wooden trestles while admiring views of the sea.

On Dongji and Huaniao islands, people can cycle along the sea, wander down roads with booming wild flowers on both sides, and admire the starry sky while sipping wine with friends.

Watch the sunrise and sunset


The sunrise in Zhoushan. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

Zhoushan's beautiful sunrise and sunset can be admired both in the downtown area or on any island in the city.