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Zhoushan native creates art with garbage

Updated : 2022-06-23 (


Tang Zhaoneng creates art using garbage and scraps. [Photo/]

Tang Zhaoneng, a resident of Dinghai district in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, has made more than 1,000 artworks using scraps and other garbage over the past 20 years.

Tang's house looks like an art exhibition hall, decorated with many of these artworks.


Tang creates the relief work 32 Heroes of the Water Margin with discarded zip-top cans. [Photo/]

The vivid relief work 32 Heroes of the Water Margin is Tang's masterpiece. It is made of discarded zip-top cans.

Tang said that the metal luster inside zip-top cans is easy to be used to create a silver texture and make it look like a relief. That's why he chose zip-top cans.


Tang paints Guilin's landscapes on a waste tri-ply wood. [Photo/]

The handicraftsman also used a piece of waste tri-ply wood as a canvas to paint Guilin's landscapes, one of the most renowned tourist destinations in China. The painting is one of his three most iconic works.

Several years ago, Tang started taking home stones which were later made into a bonsai after being cut, engraved, and polished to recreate the beautiful scenery in Zhoushan.