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Kite festival kicks off in Shengsi

Updated : 2022-05-16 (

The first kite festival featuring fishermen's paintings kicked off in Shengsi, a county in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, on May 14.


Children dressed in hanfu paint on kites they made themselves. [Photo/WeChat account: sstour]

The event, attended by 100 pairs of parents and children, opened with performances such as a drum performance and a hanfu show.


A child flies his handmade kite with the help of his father. [Photo/WeChat account: sstour]

After the opening performances, experts in kite making and fishermen's painting taught participants how to make and paint kites, which were then flown by the children with the help of their parents.


A variety of kites are flown in Shengsi. [Photo/WeChat account: sstour]

In addition, intangible cultural heritage items in Shengsi such as Shengsi fishermen's painting, fishing knot, and fishing-themed paper cutting were also on display at the festival.


Intangible cultural heritage items in Shengsi are on display at the nation's first kite festival featuring fishermen's painting. [Photo/WeChat account: sstour]