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Zhoushan's tidal stream generator to generate 2m kilowatt-hours per year

Updated : 2022-02-28 (chinadaily.com.cn)


The fourth generation tidal stream generator at the LHD Lindong tidal stream power station in Zhoushan. [Photo by Zhou Xuhui for zhoushan.cn]

The tidal stream generator in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province will be connected to the state grid after its month-long trial operation, local media reported on Feb 25.

The generator, which has the world's largest tidal stream generator, is expected to generate 2 million kilowatt-hours and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 19.94 million metric tons per year.

The tidal stream generator is the fourth generation of the LHD Lindong tidal stream power station in Zhoushan which has been connected to the state grid and generating power for more than 57 months.

The fourth generation's capacity is 5.3 times more than the previous generation, according to Lin Dong, chief engineer of the project. Despite this, it only costs 1.5 times more.

After the fourth generation is connected to the state grid, the power station's gross installed capacity will reach 3.3 megawatts, ranking among the largest in the world, added Lin.

The generator, which is resistant to typhoons and 4-meter-high waves, is just one of the few renewable energy sources in Zhoushan, which also boasts a strong industrial foundation in offshore wind power and photovoltaic power. The city is also promoting the research of hydrogen energy and other clean energy.