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Experts discuss eco-friendly intl maritime services

Updated : 2021-11-10 (

Experts from home and abroad explored the new opportunities for the maritime service industry under the background of China's carbon neutrality and carbon peak goals in both online and offline venues in Zhoushan on Nov 9.

The event was part of the fourth International Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprises Conference, which will open on Nov 10.

"The entire shipping industry is undergoing decarbonization," said Eric Kleess, senior vice-president Eastern Hemisphere region of American Bureau of Shipping. "Using low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels is important for decarbonization and therefore, I believe new energy is the key to decarbonization."

"China is playing a significant role in shipping, shipbuilding, and ship financing, and Zhoushan Port is renowned for shipbuilding and refueling," noted Michael Lund, assistant secretary general of the Baltic and International Maritime Conference.

Lund added that the global shipping industry should maintain an open and cooperative spirit to achieve more extensive cooperation.

Zhoushan is home to 293 shipping companies with a transport capacity of more than 8 million metric tons and it houses 301 productive berths. The cargo throughput at Zhoushan Port is expected to exceed 600 million tons this year.

Mao Jiangping, vice-mayor of Zhoushan, said that the prosperous shipping industry also boosts the development of maritime services in Zhoushan.

In 2021, the city's maritime services will generate more than 35 billion yuan ($5.47 billion) in output, a year-on-year increase of 30 percent.

Mao also said that Zhoushan will support companies in the application of eco-friendly ships and equipment, as well as accelerate the construction of shore power facilities.