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Zhoushan publishes anchorage oil supply meteorological index

Updated : 2021-11-05 (chinadaily.com.cn)


The meteorological index for anchorage oil supply is released by the Zhoushan meteorological bureau on Nov 3. [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

The Zhoushan meteorological bureau released the meteorological index for anchorage oil supply on Nov 3, the first of its kind in the world.

The meteorological bureau took one year to develop the meteorological index by carrying out field research, collecting materials, and conducting tests.

Through the analysis of the wind power, visibility, and weaves that impact offshore oil refilling, the Zhoushan bureau makes quantitative evaluations on the meteorological suitability of local anchorage grounds in offshore oil refilling.

The meteorological index is divided into four categories: Index 4 (in green) means the anchorage ground is very suitable for offshore oil refilling; index 3 (in blue) means the anchorage ground is suitable; index 2 (in yellow) means the anchorage ground is basically suitable; and index 1 (in red) means the anchorage ground is not suitable.

The meteorological index will be available at the Zhoushan port and shipping meteorological website, its official WeChat account: zsghqx, as well as the fuel dispatching and integrated support service system of the Zhoushan comprehensive bonded area.

The index is expected to increase the working days of the Mazhi and Xiushandong anchorage grounds with an additional 200 days, as well as that of the Tiaozhoumen and Xizhimen anchorage grounds with an additional 180 days.

Over the past three years, the offshore oil refiling in Zhoushan experienced a significant increase from 2 million metric tons in 2018 to 6 million tons in 2020. Moreover, there are 100,000 ships entering and leaving Zhoushan sea areas per year.

From 2021 to 2023, the Zhoushan meteorological bureau will establish four buoy weather stations and an intelligent weather forecast service system for ports and shipping.