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Zhoushan village continues to benefit from Sanmao connection

Updated : 2021-09-29 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Tourists dressed in hanfu pose for a picture in Miaoqiao village. [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

Miaoqiao, a village in Zhoushan, is the ancestral residence of Sanmao, the pen name of Echo Chen, a Chinese writer and translator from Taiwan. In recent years, the village has enjoyed prosperous development from its connection with Sanmao.

"Since 2020, Miaoqiao has planted a forest and built a park to commemorate Sanmao," said Le Kelong, Party chief of the village. "The village is exploring the development of an immersive literary tourism route in the hope of attracting more tourists."

In late May, Sanmao Bookstore opened in Miaoqiao. "When Sanmao returned to the village to offer sacrifices to her ancestors in 1989, she named my first bookstore Popular Bookstore and said that she had wanted to open an Unpopular Bookstore in Taiwan," said Liu Xiaona, manager of Sanmao Bookstore.

The 60-square meter bookstore has become another must-see spot for Sanmao fans in the village.

"Currently, based on its connection with Sanmao, Miaoqiao has attracted entrepreneurs to open coffee shops and bookstores, and to run homestays," noted Le.

Homestays have been a focus of Miaoqiao in recent years, according to Le, who added that another homestay operator has signed a tenancy agreement with him and plans to open a boutique homestay in the village.

With Miaoqiao's cultural atmosphere growing, local villagers have also started seeking more colorful cultural activities.

In 2020, Miaoqiao set up a brass band consisting of 18 villagers, with the youngest member being aged 40. In just half a year, the band has built up a repertoire of nearly 20 songs.

Various other cultural events, including square dancing, qipao shows, and Shaoxing opera trainings, were organized in Miaoqiao.