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Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital opens branch in Dinghai

Updated : 2021-05-13 (chinadaily.com.cn)


The Dinghai branch of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital is inaugurated at Dinghai District Central Hospital. [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

The Dinghai branch of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital (ZJPPH) was recently inaugurated at Dinghai District Central Hospital (DDCH), local media reported.

The move is a response to the provincial authorities' measures to construct a "healthy Zhejiang".

The provincial hospital will dispatch 12 resident experts in general surgery, emergency medicine, cardiovascular medicine, and gastrology to its Dinghai branch, who will well help improve the management, technology, and service of orthopedics, geriatrics, pediatrics, and anesthesiology in an effort to support the high-quality development of the health undertakings in the district.

In addition, according to the strategic cooperation agreement signed between ZJPPH and DDCH, ZJPPH will establish three medical treatment centers for chest pain, apoplexy, and trauma, as well as three medical technology sharing centers for imaging, pathology, and testing in DDCH.

"The Dinghai branch will share data with its nine health centers to improve their ability in interpreting medical images," said Lyu Zhenye, head of the branch hospital.

He added that the hospital will increase investments in advanced medical equipment and technologies to share data with the subsidiaries, ZJPPH, and even the mobile devices of doctors to facilitate experts in making emergency reports and improving the outpatient rate in the district.