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Where to go sightseeing in Zhoushan in spring

Updated : 2021-03-15 (chinadaily.com.cn)

1 shantang.jpeg

Visitors take photos among blooming peach flowers in Shantang village. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

Leaves are beginning to return to the trees and flowers are starting to bloom with the arrival of spring.

The following places in Zhoushan are worth a visit during springtime.

Shantang village on Jintang Island

People love admiring peach blossoms during spring, but snow-white plum blossoms are just as beautiful.

Vast stretches of peach flowers are currently blooming on the mountain slopes of Shantang and around residential buildings in the village. Now is the perfect time to go and take some pictures.

Luomen village-Tangtou village road, or Luotang road in Putuo district

Luotang road is a great place to witness some beautiful mountain and ocean views, go cycling, and admire wild flowers.

Different from the planted flowers in parks, Luotang road boasts a wide variety of wild flowers on both sides. Taking a rest on the lawn along the road, one can feel the sea breeze blow with the warmth of spring.

Integrated Countryside Park in Zhanmao town, Putuo district

3 Integrated Countryside Park.jpg

Zhanmao town is filled with blooming rape flowers from March to April. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

Rape flowers in Zhanmao start blooming in March and stay in bloom until April. The road to the Integrated Countryside Park is surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers.

Cherry Blossom Park in Dinghai district

The 60,000-square-meter Cherry Blossom Park is a public park boasting many cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are only in bloom for a short time and their petals easily blow away with the wind like pink angels dancing with the wind.

The park has a large lawn suitable for picnics and flying kites.

Nandong Art Valley in Dinghai district

4 Nandong art valley.jpg

In spring, the art valley is a colorful oil painting as it is decorated by multicolored wild flowers and bright yellow rape flowers. [Photo/WeChat account: zsqdly]

Nandong Art Valley, also known as Sun Valley, is an environmentally friendly ecovillage where tourists can experience a unique way of life. Thanks to its unique environment and accessibility, it attracts many tourists every year.

In spring, the art valley is filled with colorful wild flowers and bright yellow rape flowers.

With Tomb-Sweeping Day approaching, visitors can try making green glutinous rice cakes with mugwort leaves, an edible wild herb thought to prevent toxic insect bites. It is a seasonal delicacy in South China.