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Zhoushan to build four service centers for islanders

Updated : 2020-09-18 (chinadaily.com.cn)


The Zhoushan municipal government announces its decision to construct service centers on four islands to improve the lives of local residents at a press conference held on Sept 17. [Photo/zhoushan.cn]

Zhoushan in East China's Zhejiang province will construct four service centers for local residents, according to a press conference held by the Zhoushan municipal government on Sept 17.

The four service centers are expected to be built on four different islands, namely Changbai island in Dinghai district, Baisha island in Putuo district, Dachangtu island in Daishan county and Lyuhua island in Shengsi county.

The service center on Dachangtu island will open to the public very soon, while the remaining three will open within the year.

Zhoushan is home to a large number of islands. However, due to industrial relocation and outward migration, remote islands in Zhoushan have a high percentage of senior residents, according to a senior official from the Zhoushan municipal civil affairs bureau at the press conference.

He added that as a result, it is often difficult for locals to buy daily necessities on some remote islands.

Therefore, Zhoushan authorities have decided to try constructing service centers on four islands to improve the lives of local residents.

The service centers are being jointly constructed by 20 government departments, companies, charitable organizations and other social organizations. Volunteers will be solicited to work at the centers.

The service centers will offer services such as remote diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, elderly care, haircuts, as well as sending and receiving mails.