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Hospitals offer services for COVID-19 and antibody testing

Updated : 2020-05-12

People arriving in Zhoushan from places hit hard by COVID-19 are required to receive nucleic acid and antibody tests if they cannot provide evidence of their health status from within seven days of their arrival in Zhejiang.

The city has designated nine locations to offer check-up services. Follow the link for more information.

Meanwhile, on April 30, seven hospitals in Zhoushan introduced medical services for the novel coronavirus, including nucleic acid and antibody tests. 

People are encouraged to make reservations ahead of time and take the tests on an empty stomach. Expense can be covered by medical insurance. 

Zhoushan Hospital

Address: Dingshen Road No 739, Qiandao sub-district, Dinghai district, Zhoushan

Tel: 0580-2558299

Zhoushan Women and Children Hospital

Address: Renmin North Road No 238, Changguo sub-district, Dinghai district, Zhoushan

Tel: 0580-2065017 

Zhoushan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: Xinqiao Road No 355, Dinghai district, Zhoushan

Tel: 0580-2615093 

Dinghai Central Hospital 

Address: Renmin South Road No 30, Dinghai district, Zhoushan

Tel: 0580-266702

Putuo People's Hospital

Address: Wenkang Street No 19, Wengang town, Putuo county

Tel: 0580-3030880 

Daishan No 1 People's Hospital

Address: Kangjian Road No 88, Gaoting town, Daishan county

Tel: 0580-4489710 

Shengsi People's Hospital

Address: Shahe Road No 215, Caiyuan town, Shengsi county