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Take a trip to Zhoushan this spring

Updated : 2020-03-25 (chinadaily.com.cn)

"A Bus Heading for Spring", a tourism activity encouraging local residents to take a trip to Zhoushan, will be held over the coming days.

The activity, organized by the travel agency branch of the city's tourism association, will offer three one-day trips through the city's 169 travel agencies to Dinghai district, Putuo district and Daishan county. 

The ticket price is 39.9 yuan ($5.63) per person for the Dinghai trip and 59.9 yuan per person for the Putuo and Daishan trips, the lowest prices in the city's history, according to He Kaiwei, vice-chairman of the Zhoushan Tourism Association Travel Agency Branch, adding that the local government has granted subsidies to support the activities. 

Tourists can admire the plum blossoms, enjoy a picnic and try making local delicacies in Dinghai, visit ancient towns, fly kites and taste local delicacies in Daishan, or enjoy peach blossoms in Putuo.

The Dinghai trip will start on March 26 and end on April 2, while the trips to Daishan and Putuo will start on March 28 and end on April 20. 

"As spring comes and flowers blossom, people are regaining interest in travel. We hope to boost local countryside tourism through the activity," said Chen Jun, chairman of the Zhoushan Tourism Association Travel Agency Branch.