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How to obtain long-term work permit in Zhoushan

Updated : 2019-04-24 (Foreigner's Guide to Living in Zhoushan)

To obtain a long-term work permit (for a duration of more than 90 days), applicants need to obtain from their employers the Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit on the website of Service System for Foreigners Working in China, and then go to a Chinese embassy, consulate or other diplomatic mission to apply for the Z or R visa. Within 15 days upon entering China, applicants need to apply for the foreigner's work permit and residence permit.


Application materials for Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit and foreigner's work permit ID card:

1. Application form for foreigner's work permit

2. Work experience certificate

3. Physical examination record (not necessary if the residence permit is still within the validity period)

4. Work contract, certificate of employment or letter of dispatch

5. Applicants' valid visas (Z or R) or valid residence permits (need to be submitted when applying for work permits)

6. Certificates of the highest degree of schooling, vocational qualification certificates.

7. No-criminal-record certificate

8. A bareheaded and full-face photo, taken within the past six months

9. Insurance within the valid period.


Application materials for foreigner's work residence permit:

1. Visa Application Form

2. Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors

3. Certificate of employment

4. The employer's Record-Filing Certificate; if the employer is not filed with the competent authority, proof of its legal registration shall be submitted

5. Holders of other visa types need to submit supporting documents verifying that they are FTZ high-level talents or professional personnel or senior managers or urgently-needed talents in Zhoushan.


Processing time:

1. Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit: five working days

2. Foreigner's work permit and foreigner's residence permit for work: seven working days


Office address:

F2, China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Comprehensive Service Center

(No. 555 Wengshan Road, Qiandao sub-district, New Town, Zhoushan)



0580-2280024, 0580-2072077