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Video: Beautiful Putuo, land of happiness

Updated : 2019-04-16 (chinadaily.com.cn)

(Video courtesy of the Party committee of Putuo and the People's Government of Putuo)

Happy Putuo Alongside Mountains and Seas, a new city promo for Putuo district in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, was recently released by the local government. The promotional video captures the beautiful landscapes, thriving economy and pleasant life in the district. 

Home to 455 islands, Putuo boasts breathtaking scenery with clear skies, sparkling blue waters, dense mountains and vibrant golden beaches, making it the perfect getaway spot. 

It is most famous for Mount Putuo, which is one of China's top four Buddhist mountains and has earned the district the nickname "the realm of Buddhism on the sea".

Housing the nation's largest natural fishing port – Shenjiamen Fishing Port, Putuo is abundant in fish, making it a perfect destination for sea food lovers. Folk activities such as the distinct sea-worship ceremony are also popular among tourists. 

Putuo has been named as one of Zhejiang's model districts owing to its all-for-one tourism. It has established multiple characteristic towns and tourist demonstration zones that integrate tourism with other industries such as agriculture and fishing. 

The district currently boasts eight national Class-A scenic areas, including one national 5A-level (the highest level) and three 4A-levels. It is also the venue for the city's annual International Islands Tourism Expo and the annual International Sand Sculpture Festival. 

In terms of economy, Putuo not only enjoys a prosperous fishing industry, but has also been working to develop the big health industry in recent years. 

It has established an international health industry center, a big health industrial park, and a marine ecology innovation valley to serve as development platforms for its health industry, and has so far brought in 45 related companies and more than 150 high-caliber professionals.

With all these advantages, as well as high quality urban infrastructure, public services and overall environment, Putuo district was selected as one of the 10 happiest county-level cities in China in 2018 by Oriental Outlook magazine's annual ranking.