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Daishan half-marathon to be held in April

Updated : 2019-01-24 (chinadaily.com.cn)


A news conference on the 2019 Daishan Haijia Half Marathon Competition is held by local authorities on Jan 21. [Photo/zj.zjol.com]

The 2019 Daishan Haijia Half Marathon Competition is to take place on April 14 in Daishan county, Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, according to a news conference held by local authorities on Jan 21.

Hosted by the Chinese Athletic Association, People.cn Co, and the municipal government of Zhoushan, it will feature a half marathon of just over 21 kilometers, a healthy run of about 6km, a couple run of 6km and a family run of 2km.

The number of participants is set at 3,000, much larger than last year, including 1,500 for the half marathon, 1,000 for the healthy run, and 500 for the couple run and family run.

They will start from Dongsha Ancient Town and arrive at the square of the county's administrative center, passing through multiple tourist attractions such as the Lulanqingsha Scenic Area, Haijia Park, Chinese Typhoon Museum and Shangchuantiao homestay village.  

There will also be a place for participants to make graffiti on their numbered bibs to commemorate the day, and different medal ribbons for winners to choose from. 

In addition, a kite flying activity is being organized for participants to enjoy after the competition, along with some interaction games, handicraft activities and a food show at the Chinese Typhoon Museum. 

All the scenic areas in the county will be open for free to participants and their families during April 13 and 14. 

"The Daishan Haijia Half Marathon Competition has become another important marathon event after the Zhoushan Islands Marathon since it was initiated last year," said Liu Zhiyong, vice director of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports. 

With vigorous efforts made in developing its sports, Daishan has organized many sports activities in recent years, such as the National Islands Outdoor Sports Challenge, National Islands Camping and National Kite Flying Tournament, apart from the marathon, attracting many visitors.