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Zhoushan's animated short film wins provincial award

Updated : 2019-01-03 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Zhoushan Fisherman, an animated short film of Zhoushan, recently won the Best Animation Award of the 2018 China Dream (Zhejiang) Network Video Competition organized by the authorities of Zhejiang province. 

The film, made by Zhejiang Caitianshe Animation Co in Dinghai district, Zhoushan, is the first film of the city to win the award. 

Many folk cultural elements of Zhoushan can be seen in it, such as the fishermen's paintings, fishermen's songs, and the traditional local "Green Eyebrow" boats. 

It pictures a vivid image of the traditional lifestyle of local people, where fishermen sing aloud during their work at sea and return with their "Green Eyebrows" carrying abundant golden fish, which are then taken to the Dinghai ancient town for sale. Bell tolls from the temple mix with children's drums and hawkers’ voices on the old streets. 

Folk customs such as wedding rituals, the sea-worshipping ceremony, "flea dance" and gong and drum playing are also depicted. 

The film, by showing the distinctive culture of Zhoushan through animation, conveys local residents' passion for life and helps promote the city's marine culture.