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Qiu Jianfang: depicting beauty of oceans through canvases

Updated : 2018-12-13 (ezhejiang.gov.cn)

Qiu Jianfang, a professional painter from Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, is well-known for his vivid oil paintings of oceans. He is currently a member of the Zhejiang Artists Association, Zhejiang Painters Association, and China Artists Association, with many of his paintings collected by art institutions and collectors from home and abroad.

Born in 1975 in a small fishing village in the city's Daishan county, Qiu spent his childhood along the seaside, and developed an interest in painting the sea at an early age.

Qiu painted a lot about the sea, fishing boats and ports before creating his first complete ocean-themed painting at the age of 20, which features a dog, a boat, and a vast expanse of ocean around the island of Zhoushan.

With a longing for the world beyond the island city, Qu moved to Shanghai in 2003 to work as an art teacher and signed a five-year contract with a US-based art company two years later, expanding his painting themes to flowers and animals.

Qiu returned to his hometown in 2014. Although Zhoushan has changed drastically over the years, he has always felt a strong sense of belonging there.

The ocean view under Qiu's painting brush, sometimes passionate and tempestuous, and sometimes calm and peaceful, represents the natural grandeur of this island city and records the complexities of his mind and emotions through the years.





Video courtesy of Zhoushan Radio and Television Station(视频由舟山广电提供)