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Zhoushan to publish service guidebook for expats

Updated : 2018-10-30


Zhoushan seeks to open more to the world with a forthcoming service guidebook for expats living or working in the city. [Photo/ mobile.zhoushan.cn]

A service guidebook for expats in Zhoushan is projected to be published in early November, with the hope of providing convenience for the life and work of expats in the city. 

The book, written in both English and Chinese by local authorities, will be the first of its kind in Zhoushan. 

It comes out as local authorities "received feedback from some foreigners asking if there could be any service guidelines to facilitate their life and work in the city," said an official from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zhoushan. 

The book will encompass three categories, namely, an overview of Zhoushan, selected local policies and public services, to address the practical needs of expats in the city. 

The selected policies involve the procedures for obtaining a work permit in Zhoushan, including the extension of visa, and will introduce all preferential policies for expats in the city in detail.

The public services section covers information of the city in various aspects ranging from transportation, tourism, shopping, accommodation, catering, public facilities, education and health care. 

Notably, the phone numbers of local translation agencies are also added to the public services part, enabling expats to make an immediate contact if necessary.