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Zhoushan uni makes provincial university think tank list

Updated : 2018-10-18


The official website of the CZZC research center of Zhejiang Ocean University in Zhoushan [Photo/ wifizs.cn] 

The CZZC research center of Zhejiang Ocean University in Zhoushan was selected as one of the new university think tanks in Zhejiang province in 2018, according to a recent announcement by the provincial education department. 

Altogether 13 think tanks from 11 universities and colleges in Zhejiang made the list. 

The list, launched by the provincial education department earlier this year, is a response to the government's call for developing new university think tanks with Chinese characteristics, and aims at promoting the influence of Zhejiang's university think tanks. 

These think tanks are expected to provide intellectual support for the province's universities and colleges so that they will better fulfill their leading roles in theoretical innovation, talent cultivation, public opinion guidance and social services, and thus drive the educational and economic development of the province. 

CZZC of Zhejiang Ocean University, established in 2012, has long been committed to building itself into a comprehensive research platform of the university, as well as a research platform for the development of the entire Zhoushan Archipelago New Area.

With the university's advantages in marine studies, the center integrates the national strategies of marine economy development with the needs for marine development in Zhoushan, and has provided a lot of advice for the development of the Zhoushan Archipelago New Area and the province's marine economy. 

The center has attracted broad attention by hosting multiple high-end seminars since its establishment, such as the National-Level New Area Forum and the East China Sea Maritime Sociology Forum.